Exhibitions > Residual Marks

Work by HATCH artist-in-residence Julia Klein and Salim Moore.

Residual Marks held two duo exhibitions: "Exuviae" and "Endurance and Emergence." Exuviae introduced new work by HATCH 2019-2020 artists-in-residence Naomi Elson and Joshi Radin, curated by Fabiola Tosi; "Endurance and Emergence" featured new work by HATCH 2019-2020 artists-in-residence Julia Klein and Salim Moore, curated by Stephanie Koch. Challenging traditional exhibition formats, the two shows were presented to the viewer in separate gallery spaces, while representing a conceptual conversation. The two projects could be read as independently curated or as a whole, providing a fluid approach to the interpretative process.

The exhibitions were on view from June 25 - August 4, 2021 at the Chicago Artists Coalition.